Res Novae is Monta Vista’s student-run science and technology magazine. Every month, our dedicated writers publish stories about exciting topics in STEM, from cancer research to artificial intelligence.

We meet every Wednesday in room B111 (Mr. Jones’ room). Topics include workshops, upcoming publications, and more. If you have a question or are interested in joining as a writer, email us at!

2018-2019 Staff

President & Editor-in-Chief: Charlotte Chui

Lead Editor: Jenny Chin

Section Editors: Brenna Chen, Jeffrey Gong, Pooja Vedam

Staff Writers: Seth Berger, Janya Budaraju, Ramya Chamkeri, Ellie Chen, Fiona Luo, Andrea Perng, Riya Ranjan, Amrita Shankar, Mark Solomonik, Sophie Wang, Nika Zamani

Design Lead: Elena Peng

Art Lead(s): Fiona Luo, Sophie Wang

Treasurer: Saumya Tawakley