Seeker in the Void

By Jeffrey Gong Their name was Seeker. When one sensed Seeker, they might not think that Seeker was intelligent, and indeed, they were not — individually. Each individual part of Seeker, a tiny soft finned thing, was no more intelligent than the heat-tube-worms and bottom-scuttlers. But together, in their movements, in their communications, they were among … Continue reading Seeker in the Void


The Mask of War

By Riya Ranjan I stood in my room, staring at the looking glass in front of me. The mask I had on today was beautiful, modeled after a stunning actress with rosy cheeks and long lashes. I ran my hands across the plastic, taking in how much effort had been put into designing such an intricate … Continue reading The Mask of War

Swab: A Struggle with Genetic Discrimination

By Fiona Luo Swab, swab, swab. The swabbers swarmed her, and everywhere there were test tubes, cotton balls, needles and so many hands, which swabbed the inside of her cheek, which forced the screeching jaws open and tore off handfuls of those glossy red locks, that tore off nails and skin and hair — anything … Continue reading Swab: A Struggle with Genetic Discrimination