The Innate Psychology Behind Competition and Its Effects

A closer look at what drives the competition at MVHS


The Transience of Memory

By Jeffrey Gong He named himself Rorschach. He did not know why he decided to name himself thusly. He could have figured out why. There were free deep psychoanalysis stations everywhere. Just walk in, sit down, sleep for a couple minutes, then an artificial intelligence with an pleasant voice tells you exactly how your brain … Continue reading The Transience of Memory

Ethical Hacking: A Risk for Our Community?

By Pooja Vedam Imagine if anything and everything about you — your identity, email address, credit card information — was all stolen by a malevolent hacker. This idea of hacking, commonly publicized as being a malicious action, has been present for decades, ever since the explosion of technology has become more and more well-integrated into … Continue reading Ethical Hacking: A Risk for Our Community?